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b211 offshore 2023

maximum 180 days stay
content updated: 2 October, 2023
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Bali visa b211 application, how?

how to apply for indonesia visa b211

You can start your application on one of 3 ways:

  • Send the documents to our WhatsApp
  • Send the documents to our email:
  • Fill our Application Form below
    After our verification of your documents, we will send you confirmation and payment link. There you will choose the process you need and make purchase.
    You can pay by card or 


We need one place you will stay to put the address on the permit. If you don't know yet, choose any place in area you plan to stay.
Your name like on passport
Which permit you want to apply for?
Your name like on passport
Which permit you want to apply for?
Your name like on passport
Which permit you want to apply for?
Your name like on passport
Which permit you want to apply for?
Your name like on passport
Which permit you want to apply for?
Your name like on passport
Which permit you want to apply for?
Do you need enything else we didnt list above?

You CAN submit the application form without documents upload. Please then send all documents to or on WhatsApp chat.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 50 files.
Please upload all needed documents. Allowed formats: jpg, png, pdf

How to come to Bali 60+ days? bali entry requirements 2023

Requirements to enter bali for longer - visa b211 offshore

  • A return ticket from Indonesia purchased on a date within 60 days of departure 
    if you want to stay longer than 60 days, please check
  • Passport valid minimum 6 months

get bali visa, indonesia visa requirements

What is visa b211 OFFSHORE?

The Indonesian visa B211 is for people not planning to work in Indonesia, and stay maximum 180 days.
Visa holder can stay in Indonesia for up to 60 days and extend the stay 2 times per 60 days each  extension. 
This is a single entry visa.

Bali visa b211 documents
bali visa requirements b211 offshore: documents you need to send

Send the documents by WhatsApp or by email at
After our verification of your documents, we will issue an invoice or payment link.


  • Color scan of the photo page and page 2 of the passport (open passport must lie flat, without reflection, keep margins)
  • Color selfie photo of the face (on a plain background)


  • Color scan of the photo page and page 2 of the passport (open passport must lie flat, without reflection, keep margins)
  • Color selfie photo of the face (on a plain background)
  • Birth Certificate
visa b211 offshore documents examples
photo evoa requirements getbalivisa
passport evoa requirements getbalivisa
b211 tourist / business VISA PROCESS
how to get bali visa offshore?
  • Send us the required documents, we will evaluate them and if everything is ok, we will issue and send you payment link.
  • You pay with VISA/Mastercard online and next business day, we start the visa issuing process.
  • You will receive an email with a pdf e-Visa and… be ready to travel 🇮🇩 🌴

You must enter Indonesia within 90 days of receiving your visa.

prices of an offshore visa b211
  • 10 days process: 299 USD – ask for promo 249 USD
  • 5 days process: 399 USD – ask for promo 349 USD
  • 3 days process: 449 USD
  • 2 days process (morning apply, next day evening done) – 549 USD
  • 1 day process (morning apply, next day morning done) – 649 USD
  • Same Day process (morning apply, same day evening done) – 749 USD
  • Urgent process (same day morning apply, same day evening done) – 849 USD

Apply for visa is always next day early morning, after payment and documents from client are confirmed (day before).
All days are business days (monday to friday). We are working on weekends, Immigration office is closed.

Sri Lanka Passport + additional 2.500.000 IDR
Bangladesh Passport can’t process visa

In exceptional circumstances of the country, the offer price and processing time may change, but NEVER after the procedure has started.

How to choose safe bali visa agency

Before choosing the agency / agent with the lowest offer, it is worth checking if:
– the agency has a permanent office and an address available on google maps, or somebody offer help in arranging it because “he have friends”?
– the agency has positive reviews not only from a few months ago, or suddenly there were 20 positive opinions from new accounts?
– employees respond efficiently and without delay to emails and WhatsApp, or do you have to hit the window “by 5pm” Bali time?
– the website is updated and works properly, or is it amateurish without logic and clear information?
– you will receive an invoice for the service? and you will be asked for payment after the positive verification of your documents?
– the invoice will include the physical name of the company (PT), or is the transfer to a private person?
– you will be assigned to one agent who will be in contact with you throughout the visa application period, as well as during any extensions or changes of the visa, or are you being contacted by different people?

Bali visa agency support

You can find offers below market value, but you can also find countless stories of cases where the visa turned out to be invalid at the airport, and then the costs and nerves are disproportionate to the few dollars saved. You are not able to check the validity of the visa until you enter Indonesia, it is worth having proof of payment, an invoice with the name of the company, and direct contact to the agent in charge.
Often, after arrival, there are many situations in which you may need support or assistance, our agents are always on the phone and will help or advise you on basic matters after landing – free of charge.
When spending such a large amount on a flight to Indonesia, it is worth to choose peace and safety.

apply for a bali tourist visa b211 offshore
tourist visa b211 offshore extension

You can extend your initial 60 days stay, two times for another 60 days. Total 180 days of stay. 

Please fill the form  before your visa expires. Our courier will collect your passport for free.

Staying longer:
You can apply for the extension of visa b211 for another 60 days, and again for another 60 days (total 180 days).

Want to stay longer?
How to stay longer in Indonesia

process of visa b211 offshore extension

1. Fill the extension form below, choose the date of pickup, then we will send a courier for your passport
Please check the area we covering for pickup and delivery: MAP OF AREA
2. The passport will be taken to the immigration office where our agent will submit the remaining required documents
3. After few days, you will receive the date, time and address of the immigration office where you will take a photo and fingerprints
4. You will go to the immigration office to take a photo and make prints
5. We will wait for the end of the extension process
6. Once the process is complete, we will send your passport back with an extended visa

price of visa b211 offshore extension
extension for 60 days
  • Bali – Rp. 3,200,000 – Normal 10 business days process
  • Bali – Rp. 3,900,000 – Express 4 business days process

Extension will need a process time and your one visit to Immigration Office for a biometrics scan. 
If you plan to move from Bali to other parts of Indonesia, be sure to let us know.

NEED VISA B211 EXTENSION? just FIll the form
Your personal WhatsApp number (including country code).
Put your email address if you want to get confirmation of the form apply
You will find this date on the visa sticker in your passport.
What date you want us to pickup your passport for extension? Not later than 1 business day before visa expiry.
Choose your preferred time of day for courier visit.
Where you will be on your preferred date/time?
Help the driver to find you.
Time is counting from the next day after pickup of your documents. Weekends and public holidays days are not a business days. Price include ALL process, together with pickup and delivery of your passport.
IMPORTANT: In every process, you have to go one time to Immigration for fingerprints and photo. With this offer, you don't have to go to Immigration at all! Perfect solution for those who are going to visit other islands.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
You can upload up to 4 files.

Please dont't send half nudes 🙂

Often requested by clients, personal assistance. Agent will be on site, explain you the process, wait with you and assist. Great service if you are an elderly person, or make extension with child.
Just before the courier will pickup your documents, you will get an invoice on your WhatsApp number. Payment for service is always before processing.
If you have any questions
ask our team

By contacting a specialist directly, you will save a lot of time, nerves and money.
Our team has many years of experience in putting cases on the right track. You can write to us in Polish, English, and of course Bahasa Indonesia.

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