Foreign Company in Indonesia


Anyone who wants to apply for an INVESTOR KITAS must have a Foreign Company (PMA) in Indonesia, so you must establish the company first

One Company (PMA) can be a  sponsor for up to 7 investors

What is PMA

PMA (Penanaman Modal Asing) or PT PMA (Perseroan Terbatas Penanaman Modal Asing) is known as a Foreign Owned Company in Indonesia. This is a type of legal entity in which foreigners can choose to conduct commercial activities in Indonesia established under the Indonesia Law


Requirements for PMA Establishment in Indonesia

How much do you need to start?

  • The basic investment of PT PMA must be more than 10 billion IDR
  • The business extension through business group allows the authorized capital to be less than 10 billion IDR. However, the total investment must be more than 10 billion IDR 
  • Each shareholder must include a capital of at least 10 million IDR

The perks of having a PMA in Indonesia

  • Reduced net income in corporate Income Tax (PPh)
  • Relieved or exempted import duties on goods in the form of machinery, equipment, or capital used for production needs which can not be obtained domestically
  • Relieved or exempted import duties on auxiliary materials and raw materials within a certain period of time with applicable requirements
  • Suspension or exemption of Value Added Tax (VAT) on imports of machinery, capital, or equipment for production processes which cannot be obtained domestically
  • Accelerate the amortization or depreciation
  • Land and building tax relief (PBB), especially for certain business segments located in a special area or region

Structure of The Company


  1. Shareholders
    minimum 2 shareholders, could be individual or corporate shareholders
  2. Board of Commissioners
    minimum 1 person, could be local or foreigner with KITAS
  3. Board of Directors
    minimum 1 person, can be all foreigners with KITAS. Advisable to take a local Director if the PMA has at least one local shareholder

Related Parties

      1. Public notary
        for Articles of Association
      2. Ministry of Law and Human Rights
        for approval
      3. Tax Office
        for NPWP (Tax card)
      4. Local authorities (Banjar, RT, RW, Kelurahan, Kecamatan)
        for domicile letter
      5. Depending on the area of business, additional permits might be required from different departments/authorities

Price of PMA Establishment

USD 2100 

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