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content updated: 17 August, 2022
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You did not come to Bali to spend time looking for an agent to extend your visa, to stay in traffic jams to get to the agency, where the employees will have a lunch break just when you get there.
Each of your vacation days cost you a lot of effort, work and money.
As the most liked visa agency in Bali, we are looking everyday for the best solutions to make your stay in Bali as pleasant as possible.
We are the first and only one to offer a real door-to-door visa extension service without hidden costs and surprises.

All you have to do is enter your details, the date your visa expires, a link to google maps where you will be available, and your preferred courier arrival time.

before your visa expires, one of the couriers will collect your passport.     

bali voa visa extension how

please read carefully

visa on arrival extension

  • Fill the form
  • We will get your form info on email and confirm to you pickup time and ask for pdf/scan/picture of your return flight.
  • On chosen date and period of time, courier will come and pickup your passport.
  • Courier will go directly to Denpasar, where he will give your passport to the officer.
    From that day you shouldn’t leave far from main area of Bali because any day you might be asked to come for biometrics visit.

  • 5 to 7 business days later, on the WhatsApp number provided in the form, you will be informed about the date of biometrics.

    You will go on that date to the pointed Immigration Office. You will have a number which you will show in counter and officer will direct you to the room where your fingerprints will be scanned and face photo taken.
    (Please mind to come early morning, wear long pants and cover your arms in the Immigration office)

  • From that visit, you can leave main Bali area, but remember to have a place where we can drop your passport back.

  • 5 to 7 business days later we will contact you on provided WhatsApp number and setup delivery of your passport back.

    – Your passport will be in Immigration Office since you apply until extension process is finished. 
    – You have to be available to go for biometrics around week after extension is applied

    If you are in need of express procedure, you can choose 5, or even 3 business days process.

documents for visa on arrival extension
visa on arrival documents
  • You only need to give your passport to the courier on chosen date/time. 
  • We will contact you before pickup and ask for scan/jpg/pdf of your return ticket.
  • Please check the possible pickup/delivery area.
  • Before visa finish we will pickup your passport
  • Before biometrics you shouldn’t leave Bali
  • Cover your body before you go to Immigration
  • Process (normal) will take around 12 business days
  • Once extension is applied, you will not overstay.
  • Always count only “working days” (monday to friday), and please mind Bali have a lot of free days in calendar. 
  • Every courier delivery of your passport is insured for 10mln IDR responsibility policy
  • Just before driver will pickup your passport, you will get confirmation and official invoice on your WhatsApp
  • We DO NOT have impact on the normal processing speed. If you are in hurry, please choose the express process.
  • Other agents may suggest that the normal process takes a maximum of 10 days. This is not true, you will be stressing yourself and mentioned agents.
  • Emergency withdraw of passport from Immigration cost 1mln IDR, if you have flight close to date of extension – DO NOT risk and please choose express.
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voa extension bali - HOW TO FILL THE FORM:
  • Your first and last name
  • If you are two, add your partner in same form
  • Put passport number (numbers if two people)
  • WhatsApp number in format +12 345678
  • Your email (optional)
  • Date of finish your Visa On Arrival (you will find this date on the sticker in your passport)
  • Date you want us to pickup your documents.
  • Choose preferred period of time when courier will come.
  • Paste Google maps link to the location, where you will be available on that date.
  • Name of place you stay (hotel, villa, resort, guest house, any description of place).
  • Your documents will be applied on next business day after documents pickup, and then your visa extension will start. But, from that moment is few days until biometrics, then again few days until passport will be given back. If you have flight just after extension date, choose express process, and you will make biometrics 2-3 days after apply, and in next 2-3 days you will get passport back.
  • You prefer to pay cash to the driver or send online payment? You will get the invoice on your WhatsApp just after driver pickup your documents. 
Your personal WhatsApp number (including country code).
Put your email address if you want to get confirmation of the VOA form apply
You will find this date on the visa sticker in your passport.
Remember that after apply, your passport will wait for biometrics, then wait for return. Make sure your flight is enough late for all this process or choose EXPRESS process below.
What date you want us to pickup your documents for extension? Not later than 5 business days before visa expiry.
Choose your preferred time of day for courier visit.
Where you will be on your preferred date/time?
Help the driver to find you.
Time is counting from the next day after pickup of your documents. Weekends and public holidays days are not a business days.
Just before the courier will pickup your documents, you will get an invoice on your WhatsApp number. Payment for service is always before processing.
check voa express extension service - bali express extension for those who are in hurry

VOA Normal extension process up to 14 working days:  1.300.000 IDR
VOA Express extension process 4-5 working days: 1.900.000 IDR
VOA VIP extension process 3 working days: 2.400.000 IDR

Before your documents will be taken by courier, you will receive an invoice on your WhatsApp together with payment methods. 

You can pay by cash to the courier, VISA card online or online platforms WISE.COM / REMITLY.COM

You can do extension yourself and the cost will be 500.000 IDR


  1. 7 days before your visa will finish, you have to go to any Bali Immigration Office early in the morning.
  2. You have to take a number and wait with others in line. 
  3. You have to fill the Immigration forms apply for visa extension
  4. You have to go out and buy a legalisation sticker
  5. You have to go out again and pay for extension in bank counter outside from Immigration office
  6. If your number will hit the 1pm, you will wait another one hour until Immigration staff will finish lunch break.
  7. When your number time will come, your documents will be taken and checked
  8. If all ok, then you will get your date for biometrics
  9. You will come for biometrics, take your number and wait with others
  10. You will make biometrics, get the link to the website with your case information, and you are free to go
  11. You have to check website for update about your case until you will see date when you can come and pickup your passport
  12. You have to come, take number and wait to pickup your passport from the officer.


Process will take around same time if you do it by yourself, but you have to come to Immigration office 3 times, and usually always wait in the line for your number appear.
With us, you will come only one time, directly for biometrics.

If you have any questions
ask our team

By contacting a specialist directly, you will save a lot of time, nerves and money.
Our team has many years of experience in putting cases on the right track. You can write to us in Polish, English, and of course Bahasa Indonesia.

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