long stay in bali 2024

living in bali long term

content updated: 15 July, 2024
information includes recent legal changes and prices include all costs.

long stay in bali 2023

second home visa

Much hope was pinned on this permission. Unfortunately, the requirement to deposit the amount of USD 130,000 in a local bank without being able to use it, or the necessary purchase of real estate against the law prohibiting the purchase of real estate by foreigners, as well as unclear rules of the application, meant that this permit is no longer applicable.

Due to the safety of your funds and the guarantee of successful application, we do not recommend trying to apply for a “second home” permit.

bali investor kitas

Bali Investor KITAS is a license granted to an Investor to stay and be in the Territory of Indonesia for a limited period ONE (KITAS C313) or TWO (KITAS C314) years.
Residence Permits that have been granted to Investors can be converted after 2 years into Permanent Stay Permits (KITAP) – 5 years stay

  • With Investor KITAS, you can:
  • cross the border multiple times without a minimum stay in Indonesia
  • legally buy a scooter or a car
  • legally hold an Indonesian driving license
  • obtain a tax number
  • open a bank account
  • apply for social insurance
  • use “local” prices

Bali Investor KITAS is the most comfort and efficient stay permit for permanent stay in Indonesia.

You will get from us these documents of KITAS:

  • IZIN TINGGAL – Online Residence Permit
  • evisa 313/314 – Entry permit
  • Kitas Investor 313/314 – Stay permit
  • STM – Certificate issued by Police according the domicile residence
  • SKTT – Residence Certificate identity issued by the Department of Population and Civil Registration
  • on request – NPWP – Tax registration number (+1 mil IDR)

BALI INVESTOR KITAS PRICE (with our company)

  • 1 year: 26 mil IDR
    – monthly cost of stay: 2.1 mil IDR
  • 2 years: 32 mil IDR
    – yearly cost of stay: 16 mil IDR
    – monthly cost of stay: 1.3 mil IDR

Price includes ALL needed costs.
Permit payment is before the process.
This is offshore permit, need to be applied outside of Indonesia.
You will be listed as an investor in our company, we take care for all the process and company legal matters.

stay in bali with family

living in bali long term

content updated: 15 July, 2024
information includes recent legal changes and prices include all costs.

stay in bali with a family

Bali Investor kitas + Bali family kitas

Each holder of a KITAS residence permit may “invite” members of their family to stay. It could be a spouse or children.
For this purpose, immediately after applying for KITAS investor, you should apply for KITAS family (C317).
The family kitas is separate for each family member and is valid for 1 year.
After one year, the permit must be renewed for another year.

A family KITAS (C317) holder has the same rights in Indonesia as an investor KITAS holder.


  • 1st year (application year): 14.7 mil IDR
  • 2nd years (and following): 9.7 mil IDR

After 2 years (in 3rd application, KITAS holder can apply for 5 years stay permit – KITAP)

Sample calculation of the stay of 2 years for a 2+1 family on Investor KITAS C314 (2 years permit) and Family KITAS C317 (1 year permit).

1st year (application year)
1x C314: 32 mil IDR
2x C317: 14.7 x 2 = 29.4 mil IDR
Together: 61.4 mil IDR

2nd year of stay
1x C314: 0 IDR
2x C317: 19.4 mil IDR
Together: 19.4 mil IDR

Overall cost of stay 2y for family 2+1: 80.8 mil IDR

Yearly average cost of stay for family 2+1: 40.4 mil IDR

Monthly average cost of stay for family 2+1: 3.36 mil IDR

digital nomad in bali

living in bali long term

content updated: 15 July, 2024
information includes recent legal changes and prices include all costs.

digital nomad in bali

If you do not work for an Indonesian entity or for clients located in Indonesia, you get paid to a bank account outside Indonesia – you do not break the law on the prohibition of work.
In short, if your job is in no way related to Indonesia, you can legally pursue your occupation and spend your time and resources in Indonesia.

You can apply for a work permit with us, but if you do not plan to engage in any work related to Indonesia, you do not need a work permit.
Investor KITAS is the perfect solution for you because you have all the rights to legal residence, you can use all the benefits of the KITAS permit, you do not have to deal with any extensions during the period of the permit and at the same time you do not break the law.

Tax matters are beyond the interest of Indonesian services, however, you should report in your country if you stay in Indonesia for more than 180 days.
If necessary, we apply on your behalf for the NPWP tax number. However, if you are not paid in Indonesia, you do not need to apply for one.

If you have any questions
ask our team

By contacting a specialist directly, you will save a lot of time, nerves and money.
Our team has many years of experience in putting cases on the right track. You can write to us in Polish, English, and of course Bahasa Indonesia.

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