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content updated: 12 April, 2024
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Indonesia Calling Visa is an entry permit for the citizens of a country whose condition or state is considered to have a certain level of vulnerability in terms of ideological, political, economic, social, cultural, defence and security aspects, and immigration aspects.

Indonesia Calling Visa is issued for 60 days.


how to get bali visa calling offshore?
indonesia calling visa ORDER FORM
If you have Travel Document from your current country but your origin is a country listed for Calling Visa Process, then you have to follow Calling Visa Process.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Make sure photo is clear, sharp and on clear background
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Make sure photo/scan is clear, sharp and on clear background
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Make sure photo/scan is clear, sharp and on clear background
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You can skip if you doesn't have it yet.
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You can skip if you are in your country.
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indonesia calling visa service

  • Calling Visa Indonesia for Afganistan
  • Calling Visa Indonesia for Guinea
  • Calling Visa Indonesia for Israel
  • Calling Visa Indonesia for North Korea
  • Calling Visa Indonesia for Cameroon
  • Calling Visa Indonesia for Liberia
  • Calling Visa Indonesia for Nigeria
  • Calling Visa Indonesia for Somalia
bali visa pakistan citizens, do they need calling visa to indonesia?

Contrary to popular belief, Pakistani citizens do not need a special visa procedure to Indonesia.

bali visa nigeria passport, do i need calling visa to indonesia?

Yes, Nigeria passport owner need a calling visa procedure to come to Indonesia.

bali visa africa citizens, do they need calling visa to indonesia?

Some of the countries in Africa are on the list for calling visa Indonesia

apply and obtain calling visa indonesia

What is calling visa for Indonesia?

The process can be quite time consuming, expensive and there is no guarantee that you will be able to obtain authorization from the authority, although our experienced team has helped dozens of people with their calling visa’s so you are in safe hands.

The process of examining the e-Visa application for citizens of the calling visa subject country involves an assessment team consisting of: 

1. Ministry of Law and Human Rights.
2. Ministry of Home Affairs.
3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
4. Ministry of Manpower.
5. The National Police of the Republic of Indonesia.
6. Attorney General’s Office.
7. State Intelligence Agency.
8. The Indonesian National Army Strategic Intelligence Agency and,
9. National Narcotics Agency.

The entire team will hold a coordination meeting to assess whether a person is eligible or not to be granted a visa by:

1. To evaluate a country whose condition or state has a certain level of vulnerability;
2. Provide recommendations to the Minister in determining the Calling Visa Country; 
3. Provide recommendations to the Director General of Immigration in approving or rejecting a visa application.
4. State Evaluation of Calling Visas by the visa assessor coordination team as referred to in Article 3 of the Regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights Number: M.HH-01.GR.01.06 of 2012 carried out both periodically and incidentally.
5. Periodic evaluation is carried out at least 1 (one) time within 1 (one) year.
6. Incidental evaluation is carried out at any time as needed

Requirements for indonesia calling visa process without using a visa agency

1. Sponsor data. Either, individual or corporate sponsorship;
2. After all the documents are ready, the applicant can send or bring all the requirements to the RI representative office in their home country. (If there is no Indonesian representative office in the country of origin, the application must be sent to the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok or the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore).
3. Facsimile News (brafaks) from RI Representatives abroad, which proves that the person concerned has applied for a visa at the RI representative containing data on foreigners from the calling visa country accompanied by complete administrative documents of the guarantor; 
4. The applicant will receive a supporting letter from the Indonesian Embassy. Then, the applicant must send the supporting letter to the sponsor in Indonesia.
5. Sponsors in Indonesia must come directly to the Head Office of Immigration, Directorate General of Immigration, Ministry of Law and Human Rights which is located at Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav. 8-9, South Jakarta.
6. Here the sponsor will face a Calling Visa meeting forum whose job it is to assess the application. In this session, the assessment team consisting of representatives from various competent agencies will conduct interviews with the applicant’s sponsor or guarantor.
7. After the interview is over and the applicant’s submission is received, the approval letter is issued by the Directorate General of Immigration. This approval letter will be sent by the sponsor to the applicant in the country of origin. Then, the applicant brings the letter to the RI representative office in his country as a condition of getting a visa.

Requirements for indonesia calling visa process with a visa agency
documents for indonesia calling visa application
  • – face photo
  • – bio page of passport photo
  • – bank account screenshot
  • – ticket or itinerary (when you want to come?)
  • – residency document if you live in another country
  • – driving license or similar document will be helpful
  • – letter from employer that you work in company
  • – any document from your company
  • – school document

After our verification of your documents, we will send you online card payment link.

You do not need to complete an application for a visa, we do it for you.

prices of an offshore calling visa b211
  • Process takes not less than 10 business days, maximum 20 business days
  • Price for process and visa starting from 1650 USD

    There is a unique specificity and many factors that may affect the cost and duration of the process of obtaining this visa. Please contact us to find out about your situation and evaluate the time / cost.

Price will NEVER change after the procedure has started.

How to choose safe bali visa agency

Before choosing the agency / agent with the lowest offer, it is worth checking if:
– the agency has a permanent office and an address available on google maps, or somebody offer help in arranging it because “he have friends”?
– the agency has positive reviews not only from a few months ago, or suddenly there were 20 positive opinions from new accounts?
– employees respond efficiently and without delay to emails and WhatsApp, or do you have to hit the window “by 5pm” Bali time?
– the website is updated and works properly, or is it amateurish without logic and clear information?
Рyou will receive an invoice for the service? and you will be asked for payment after the positive verification of your documents?
– the invoice will include the physical name of the company (PT), or is the transfer to a private person?
– you will be assigned to one agent who will be in contact with you throughout the visa application period, as well as during any extensions or changes of the visa, or are you being contacted by different people?

Bali visa agency support

You can find offers below market value, but you can also find countless stories of cases where the visa turned out to be invalid at the airport, and then the costs and nerves are disproportionate to the few dollars saved. You are not able to check the validity of the visa until you enter Indonesia, it is worth having proof of payment, an invoice with the name of the company, and direct contact to the agent in charge.
Often, after arrival, there are many situations in which you may need support or assistance, our agents are always on the phone and will help or advise you on basic matters after landing – free of charge.
When spending such a large amount on a flight to Indonesia, it is worth to choose peace and safety.

apply for a calling visa b211 offshore
If you have any questions
ask our team

By contacting a specialist directly, you will save a lot of time, nerves and money.
Our team has many years of experience in putting cases on the right track. You can write to us in Polish, English, and of course Bahasa Indonesia.

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