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content updated: 21 June, 2024
second home indonesia get bali visa

second home visa bali how to get? (digital nomad / retirement)

  • translating documents into Indonesian for a client in London — OK
  • translating documents into English for clients in Bali — not allowed
  • photography — not allowed
  • life coach for fellow foreigners in Bali — not allowed
  • teaching children in the USA via Zoom — OK
  • teaching children in Indonesia via Zoom — not allowed
  • building websites for clients in Thailand — OK
  • building websites (or even one website) for clients in Indonesia — not allowed

indonesia second home visa bali Requirements

second home visa bali

There are two routes to qualify, by holding what is referred to as an immigration guarantee (jaminan keimigrasian) or proof of fund.

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  • 5% BPHTB payable by the buyer
  • 2.5% Income tax payable by the seller
  • fee charged by the notary, which will typically be legally restricted to a maximum of 1%
indonesia ownership prices
BPN certificate Indonesia
  • Bank Mandiri — interest rates of 2.5% are currently payable
  • BNI — 3%
  • BRI — 3%
  • Bank Tabungan Negara — 3.5%
  • Bank Syariah Indonesia — under Syariah principles profit sharing is offered, not interest. Variable, and likely to be over 2%.
SECOND HOME VISA and your family
bali my second home

You can bring family members with you on your second home visa. They do not require a separate deposit/house ownership, and there is no limit on the number of followers.

  • your husband or wife
  • your children (of any age)
  • your parents


  • a guarantor’s letter — in practice this is a ‘surat permhonan dan jaminan’, i.e. a letter of ‘application and guarantee’, which is a formal letter (a template) applying for the visa and promising that the foreigner will not behave badly, with a ‘materai’ stamp. For the second home visa this will presumably be a letter of self guarantee and application.
  • A passport valid for six years or more (this was reduced to 36 months by the Circular) — in practice this is uploaded online in the form of a scan of your passport cover and biodata page
  • a criminal record check from the country of origin — in practice this is not required
  • a health check to confirm that you have no infectious disease — in practice this is replaced with proof of Covid-19 vaccination, and a signed letter that you promise to abide by health protocols
  • proof of funds in the sum of $2000 or equivalent
  • proof of health insurance: in the application system this can be replaced with a simple ‘self-insurance’ declaration
  • two 4 cm x 6 cm photographs — in practice this is replaced with a digital photo uploaded online
  • Your CV
  • Bank letter/statement showing the 2 billion deposit OR certificate of land ownership IN YOUR NAME or Agency Guarantor Document
second home visa bali - Change of current stay permit

If you are currently in Indonesia as a foreigner you have a ‘stay permit’, which can be one of the following:

  • a vist stay permit from a visa waiver (currently only for ASEAN citizens)
  • a visit stay permit from a visit visa on arrival (500,000rp fee)
  • an ITAS or ITAP of whatever type (Kitas 1-year /Kitap 5-year)
  • a visit stay permit from a visit visa obtained before you arrived in Indonesia
Existing retirement ITAS/ITAP holders
indonesia long term visa stay permit

The retirement ITAS or ITAP no longer exists and is replaced by ‘second home’, which does not have sub-types such as ‘young person’ or ‘pensioner’. Everyone is in the same boat.

  • existing retirement ITAS/ITAP holders whose ITAS/ITAP will expire before 22 June 2023 can let it expire and leave the country, or renew their ITAS/ITAP as ‘second home’ ITAS/ITAP, meeting the requirements discussed here
  • those ITAS/ITAP is still valid beyond 22 June 2023, must change their ITAS/ITAP to second home, presumably by 22 June 2023, but this is not clear
  • those who specifically have ‘unlimited’ ITAP have until 24 March 2023 to provide proof of fund (i.e. 2 billion deposit or property ownership), but do not need to formally apply to change their ITAP, unless they wish to be without a guarantor, in which case they (or any other existing retirement ITAS/ITAP holder) must obtain a consent letter from the current guarantor to effect this change.
Residence requirements second home visa

As per the above, the ITAS or ITAP is a five-year residence permit with concomitant re-entry permit. Under immigration law you are not required to physically be in Indonesia as an ITAS/ITAP holder (though you will still be a tax resident until you end your ITAS/ITAP), however if you are ever outside of Indonesia for 365+ days, then your ITAS/ITAP will come to an end for the reason of absence. You will also need to spend some time to renew/report every five years, at which time you will need to be in Indonesia.

PRICE OF SECOND HOME VISA bali stay permit

The prices for this visa will depend on whether you have the required assets and need a permit process for you, or you also need a guarantor.
Prices will be announced shortly before the visa availability date.

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